Create amazing AI photos with yourself.
Experience personalized AI photos creation without the hussle.

What our users say...

Anna P. - “I don't have the time and money to travel to exotic locations or buy tons of clothes. You help me create my social media photos.”
Xiaolian F. - “My imagination runs wild! Absolutely addictive!”
Aaravindan P. - “I created some dating photos but don't tell anyone.”
Eirlys L. - “I'm into fashion. I mostly try out new clothes, outfits and hairstyles. I have recommended you to all my friends.”
Emma S. - “I created my business profile pictures and headshots. You are better and cheaper than a photographer.”
Jose L. - “This is so much fun. Great app!”

Pixu Creator Studio

1. Create amazing photos of yourself in 3 photo modes.
Type what you want to see or pick one of our presets and our AI agent will create the photo for you.

Portait Mode
Create excellent portraits with the highest person likeliness and a predictable face position.
Freestyle Mode
Let your prompt determine the composition of the photo for maximum artistic expression.
Composition Mode
Use our hand selected templates to save time and generate predictable photo compositions.
2. Face swapping
Face replacement Insert yourself into photos of your friends or into a famous movie scene.
3. Image to art
Turn your photos to art Transform your photos into different art styles such as manga, anime, comic, painting, pixel art, and many more.
4. Photo restoration
Fix damaged photos Recover blurry and out of focus faces.